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Using Triggers to Poke at a Character’s Emotional Wound

Kobo Writing Life

By Angela Ackerman

When it comes to acknowledging what hurts us, the old saying, Deny, deny, deny! comes to mind. Why? Because in real life we don’t want to appear weak, so when we suffer emotional pain, we often stuff it down deep and paste on a smile as if nothing is wrong. It’s no different with our characters, and in both cases, refusing to deal with wounding events carries a steep price.

Unresolved psychological pain doesn’t go away and hiding it only leads to dysfunction and unhappiness.

Emotional trauma is, by nature, painful. When it happens, our feelings are laid bare. So it’s no wonder that last thing anyone wants to do is unpack that vulnerability again to work through it. Avoidance seems better, but it leads to dysfunctional coping methods like bad habits, flaws, biases, and emotional reactiveness.

This type of emotional shielding keeps people and further possible…

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TRIGGERS: The Buttons to Our Souls

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

As we begin another week of October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I want to talk about triggers and our unplanned, spontaneous responses to things that we encounter. We are all human and composed of a body, soul, and spirit. And just as our body gets used and abused, our soul suffers the effects of these abuses. They carry the emotions which have been wounded by the words and deeds of others. And all of these emotions have triggers or buttons that get pushed which stimulate the various responses that we have to various stimuli in our lives.

the buttons to our souls…
where emotions are stimulated…
and their responses we behold.
For the wounds of our pasts…
hold various emotions within.
But when triggers are pushed…
spontaneous responses begin.

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