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The true definition of “Healing”



Such a powerful and terrifying word.

Entirely elusive in its very nature…and yet completely attainable. While it is reserved for the strong, there are no restrictions on anyone becoming strong enough to reach it. At the same time, you must find the strength to find the strength…

So here I am left on this undeniably painful path to recovery. Recovery from the past, the present and simply…recovery from life, which has left me questioning why (or how) some are able to find themselves “healed” while others are simply moving through this world in a state of pure survival rather than living.

This questioning has also left me on a path of discovery. If I can find the answer to the why (or how) then I can find my way to that all too sought after feeling of being healed. That all too sought after peace.

In light of everything…

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Put Me Back Together

Soul Calories

You search me, You know me
You look after my heart
When I think I’ve made it
You pull me back apart

I fall into pieces
Lost, afraid, and alone
From whole to dismantled
My brokenness is shown

By myself I’m nothing
My strength surely fails me
God, You are all I need
Your grace heals what ails me

In love, You brought me low
But did not keep me there
For now You hold me high
An answer to my prayer

Me eyes again opened
By Your grace, by Your hand
Though I stumble and fall
By Your strength I now stand

picture source – http://newheightsboise.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/healed.jpg

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