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Lies told by Small Presses

The Bard & Books

Like many of my posts, this stems from something I saw in an online writer’s group. Essentially, someone who has been traditionally published from a small press was putting down people who self-publish. Personally, I have my own problems with self-publishing that I discuss in my “Why I’ll Never Self-Publish” post, but that is besides the point. At this point, I’d like to formally begin my rant against small presses.

In my opinion, traditional publishing is best done through an agent and then with a professionally recognized publisher. Small presses, unless they are recongized by writing organizations like Codex or SFWA, often give little more than what someone can do through self-publishing but will suck away 40-60% of the author’s share of royalties and then use self-publishing tools (like Createspace) to produce the book. Small Presses get away with this by telling authors lies in order to get them to sign…

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You Must Have an Agent, And Other Myths about Publishing

Something to keep in mind when self-publishing.

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For years, I thought that the only way to get published was to be represented by a literary agent.  The publishing industry perpetuates this myth – just look at how much Writer’s Digest talks about finding and keeping agents if you don’t believe me. But the truth is: it is not necessary to be represented by a literary agent to get published. I’m living proof.

There are many ways to get books published. One option is self-publishing, although that option has the most difficult path to financial success for an author and puts 100% of the marketing and sales efforts squarely on the back of the author. Another option is small press publishing, which typically uses a business model where the publisher and the author are partners in getting the book published and into the hands of potential readers. The third option is large press publishing. Unless you’re already a…

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Two Coffeetown imprints accept queries in multiple genres

Advice from a Caterpillar

coffeetown pressCoffeetown Presspublishes memoirs, literary fiction, academic nonfiction, nonfiction, and literary mysteries. Coffeetown is an approved publisher with both International Thriller Writers (ITW) and Mystery Writers of America (MWA). Most memoirs have a strong theme that appeals to a specific audience. They only consider literary fiction with a strong story and a distinctive voice. It also helps if the author has a developed author platform.

Length: Up to 100,000 words

Submissions: Query by email only with attachments including first 50 pages, synopsis, bio, and marketing plan

For specific guidelines please read the Coffeetown Press Submissionspage.

camel pressCamel Press is the genre imprint of Coffeetown Enterprises (Coffeetown Press). They publish romance, mainstream fiction, mystery/suspense, thrillers, horror, westerns, science fiction, and fantasy. They will consider out of print books as long as the author owns the rights. They will not consider currently published ebooks.

Length: Up to 100,000 words

Submissions: Query by…

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