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I stumbled across this fantastic resource and wanted to share with you. I’d love to hear any feedback.

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How to Market Your Self Published Books to Libraries!


If you are a self published author, your goal is to sell your work and  inevitably, see a return on your investment.  In order to do this, you must (wait for it…) market, market, market your product.   In an earlier post, I recommended that you mimic the big fish in order to be successful.  Well, how do big fish gain recognition and earn sales? They place their products everywhere?

Libraries are definitely good places to help you gain momentum as a self publishing superstar. As a professional librarian, I have had experience working in school, public, and academic libraries.  In the aforementioned role(s), I have had the tedious responsibility of maintaining library collections.  Although I love my career, maintaining a collection is a very cumbersome process.  For one, librarians are inundated by sales reps.  We have to select books that are appropriate for our respective libraries and that  requires a lot of…

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How these 3 Self-Publishing Tools Help Authors

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Improvements everywhere:  New tools and technology for author-publishers will help to navigate the process from manuscript to finished print book or e-book more easily. Just to make sure you know what’s available for writers now:

1. Scribd Subscription Service: The “Netflix” of e-Books
Read unlimited amounts of Books: Scribd launched an e-book subscription service for their readers at $8.99/month with unlimited access to books. Everyone enrolled in the subscription program gets e-books in bulk. Readers can try Scribd for free for one month, and are encourage to try unknown authors.
Distributing of your own e-books  is offered in Scribd’s Subscription Program: “Contact us if you would like to make your e-books available via our subscription offering. Our content acquisition team would love to talk to you.”


2. Bowker offers Self-Published Author resources
Bowker’s database of books in print is huge and their interface sometimes a bit clumbsy…

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