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Special thanks to Linda Lee for re-blogging this post on her site. It has been on my mind every day, since I read it two weeks ago. Particularly, how we, as children, were scapegoated that is “deemed bad [and] punished merely for existing.”


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51j3au4s9vl-_sx326_bo1204203200_CALL ME TUESDAY by Leigh Byrne

The following article on the phenomenon of the scapegoat child was written by Leigh Byrne, author of two best-selling memoirs: Call Me Tuesday and Call Me Cockroach. This post was originally published on Leigh’s blogger website, Sometimes On Tuesday. I am reposting it here, in its entirety, with the author’s permission.

SCAPEGOAT by author Leigh Byrne

While being the victim of a parent’s fury is bad enough, being the only child in a family singled out to receive it is many, many times worse.

There came a point during the writing of Call Me Tuesday, when I felt the need to somehow impart meaning and purpose to what had happened to me as a child, to make my story, at least in my mind, something more than a pointless reflection of human suffering.

I spent hours on the Internet combing through newspaper articles about abused…

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