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Special thanks to Linda Lee for re-blogging this post on her site. It has been on my mind every day, since I read it two weeks ago. Particularly, how we, as children, were scapegoated that is “deemed bad [and] punished merely for existing.”


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The following article on the phenomenon of the scapegoat child was written by Leigh Byrne, author of two best-selling memoirs: Call Me Tuesday and Call Me Cockroach. This post was originally published on Leigh’s blogger website, Sometimes On Tuesday. I am reposting it here, in its entirety, with the author’s permission.

SCAPEGOAT by author Leigh Byrne

While being the victim of a parent’s fury is bad enough, being the only child in a family singled out to receive it is many, many times worse.

There came a point during the writing of Call Me Tuesday, when I felt the need to somehow impart meaning and purpose to what had happened to me as a child, to make my story, at least in my mind, something more than a pointless reflection of human suffering.

I spent hours on the Internet combing through newspaper articles about abused…

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Quote of the day # 5 : Dysfunctional Family

Rebellious Scapegoat

Dysfunctional Families – it’s hard to see what’s going on

when you’re inside one.

Victims have difficulties to identify dysfunctional system because this is what they see, hear and learn over years.

Thought this is what “normal” families do.

Photo credit : Pixabay – MemoryCatcher

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