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Why Everybody Needs a Book Club



First off, I love book clubs! I really love my own book club but also I’m such a fan the concept. Getting together with friends to chew over a book is such a therapeutic experience (wine optional)! Particularly if the group consensus is one of either extreme admiration or condemnation!

As the act of reading is such a solitary experience, participating in your book club adds an interactive aspect. It can also focus your reading/study of the book if you know you’ll be discussing it afterwards. I find that you tend to look deeper for interpretation, thematic nuance etc than if you picked up the book purely at your own leisure. Personally, what I enjoy the most about my own book club is getting everybody else’s opinion on character; traits, motivation, morality etc. Last week we veered into questioning ‘If Henry Pulling was your friend, why would you like hanging out…

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