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Have You Defined Your Purpose?

Marketing Christian Books

Do you find yourself lacking motivation? Do the things that you used to do for your books now seem like a chore? Do you feel like you are pushing uphill most of the time?

Maybe you have lost sight of your purpose. Purpose is the “why” behind what we do. It’s the mission that drives our actions.


As we enter into a new year, revisiting and reviewing your purpose is the starting point for preparing your goals for the coming year. Goals flow from purpose.

For example: If my purpose is “to write so that other’s experience God”, then my goals would center around my own personal time experiencing God, improving my writing skills, and producing articles or books that draw people to God.

Sometimes people confuse purpose and goals. Your purpose is not your goal. Your purpose is the foundation of your work. Your goals (the work you do)…

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What is Your Purpose?

Marketing Christian Books

Do you want to avoid discouragement and burnout?

It takes more than doing something you are passionate about to avoid becoming weary. You must also keep your purpose forefront in your thoughts.


What is your reason for writing, publishing, and marketing your book?

This is a very important question—one that should not be ignored or taken lightly. Producing a book, publishing a book, and selling a book are hard work. It takes time, dedication, and lots of effort. We can easily become discouraged when the results we want to see don’t roll in.

That’s where purpose comes in. Purpose keeps us grounded. When we lose sight of our purpose, we can become lost and wander.

I heard a story about a world class tennis player. This woman reached the rank of #5 in the world in women’s tennis. When she reached that spot, she began to lose consistently. She started…

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It’s Coming Together

The Faithful Scribe

I see a permanent transformation within myself that I know is different than all the other changes I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. I have found the love of writing and I have embraced it with a sincerity like never before.

I never saw myself writing books, let alone books of fiction. Yet, I am in the midst of writing my first fiction book called REM State.

I have committed myself to rising before dawn and writing at least 500 words a day. I also try to learn something associated with writing every evening before turning in for bed. I am so excited about the change that has happened within me, and I know this change is permanent. The desire I have is strong, because I have found my passion. passionate_calling

My search, my journey was not made in vain. Through the tears, the frustration, the confusion and sadness, I found it!…

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