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The Power of Forgiveness

I like that this blogger points out three types of forgiveness.

Healing Secrets

Today’s Healing Secret is Forgiving or Forgiveness.

Forgiveness and the act of forgiving means different things to different people but the end results are the same: the bitter taste in your mouth when you think about what was done to you…is gone! The curl of the lip, that scowl that passed across your face, the voice change, the utter disgust and tremendous hate for the target of your anger disappears when you forgive.

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The Difference Between Forgiveness and Reconciliation.


necessary whispers


Forgiveness is a one-way street. Reconciliation is a two-way street. This means that it is possible to forgive someone who has hurt you deeply without restoring your relationship with that person.

As I have been studying the topic of forgiveness for the past three years, I have made a few mistakes along the way: one big mistake, in particular. I would like to share my big mistake with you as a means of explaining the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation.

Throughout the process of writing Throwing Stones I was often challenged by my own conscience to keep clean records of forgiveness. I felt like it would be hypocritical to advocate forgiveness and not to pursue it in my own life to the best of my ability. There were a few people in my life who were like sand paper: some of them provided constant sloughing away of my patience, thus…

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