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Real Writers Persist. Always.

A Writer's Path

by Lauren Sapala

When writers first start out writing they tend to concentrate on all the wrong things. The big question always seems to be: Do I have talent? This is followed closely by: How do I get an agent? When I was a new writer I also agonized quite a bit over these things. It’s very normal. Whenever a person begins to truly take risks and follow their passion, the first challenges to surface are always questions of self worth and approval from others.

And make no mistake, that IS what the talent and agent questions are really all about: self worth and approval. Every human being goes through it in one form or another. For writers, anxiety and obsession about how much talent they have and getting an agent is just how it typically manifests.

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4 Ways to Self-Motivate yourself Every Day.

Millionaire's Digest

1. Avoid making decisions that result in immediate rewards.

In order to make the right choices for your future self, you must place additional value on perceived rewards. Intentionally making decisions that benefit long-term rewards will provide you with a positive feeling and a brighter outlook for the future.

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The PBS Blog

Hi guys! *Waves*

How is everyone? I hope you are well and Welcome back to another episode of Writer’s Quote Wednesday as hosted by Colleen of Silver Threading, and co-hosted by Ronovan of Ronovan Writes. Today’s theme is Faith:


What makes us worry? What makes us doubt? What makes us second guess? Often our stresses come from the anxiety of not knowing. We can only see part of the staircase or only part of the road. We want to go on, except we’re not so sure what’s on the other side. Will the staircase end? Will my car drive off the road? What if there is no other side? Faith is going on despite the fact that you don’t know. It is the expectation of what you do not see. Faith is not seeing any possible solution and yet still expecting the answers to come. Faith is the…

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37 Reasons Why a Writer Might Start a Blog


How to Ask a Blogger to Write You a Guest Post-2

  1. They are looking for new ways of procrastinating.
  2. The writer wants to build an online following.
  3. The writer feels like they are missing out as all their writer friends blog.
  4. The writer is interested in acquiring and building valuable online marketing skills.
  5. They are bored with writing a novel and need a draft-cation.
  6. The writer wants to connect with other writers.
  7. They need something else in their life to get obsessed about.
  8. The writer wants to sharpen their prose.
  9. They want to keep family, friends and contacts updated on their writing journey.
  10. The writer thinks their book fans will benefit from reading about their writing struggles, how bloody hard it was to write the book that they are reading, their creative demons and the many emotional states they went through whilst editing the first draft.
  11. They want to validate whether they can actually write stuff that people want to read…

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Moving On!

Na' Imah's Daily Motivation


Good Morning and Praise the Lord!


Truly its a blessing to have survived the very things the enemy sent to steal, kill, and destroy our lives with. We can talk all day and night about what happened but I want to thank God for not allowing the work and the plan of the enemy to prosper in our lives. It may have formed but God didn’t let none of those things be.

I pray you find the good in goodbye and the #strength and courage to move forward with broken pieces so that the Lord can restore unto you everything that appears to be lost.

And as he entered into a certain village, there met him ten men that were lepers, which stood afar off: And they lifted up their voices, and said, Jesus, Master, have mercy on us. And when he saw them, he said unto them, Go…

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