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Four Sanity-Saving Tips for Ignoring Mother’s Day

The Invisible Scar

[photo credit: flickr user missy.killer!] [photo credit: flickr user missy.killer!] How should you celebrate Mother’s Day when your mother was emotionally abusive?

Short answer: You don’t have to celebrate it.

Short answer for adult survivors who are mothers: You celebrate your being a mom, and you reflect, pray, and learn about being a better one every day.

Last year, I wrote about celebrating Mother’s Day when you have an abusive mother. But this year, I wanted to write about another option: ignoring the holiday altogether.

You can ignore Mother’s Day, you know.

You’re not under any moral obligation to celebrate this holiday. After all, it didn’t even come to existence until 1914! Anna Jarvis started Mother’s Day in the United States to honor her mom’s life and inspire people to honor their own moms. But the holiday got quickly out of control, with huge candy corporations and greeting-card companies exploiting the holiday…

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Mother’s Day Inspiration for Hurting Hearts

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Children kissing mom

Mother’s Day is a day of festivity, joyful reflection, and special moments between mothers, their spouses, and their children.

For some, it is a time of sorrow and pain.

As a global community, we’re now discovering that many of our wounds and triggers can be traced back to childhood.  Some of us grieve over our lost early years, having had parents who were ignorant in the ways of insightful child-rearing.  Perhaps they married and had us too young.  Still being kids themselves, they made many mistakes that, sadly, left us scarred in some way.  They emulated the ways of their own mothers and fathers, which typically included physical and/or corporal punishment and expected us to be small adults.  You know… the whole “I’m going to give you something to cry about” routine.  Believing things such as “Don’t pick the baby up when he or she cries because then they’ll expect…

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