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Your Narcissistic Mother has been Elected President

It’s as if your narcissistic mother has been elected president. Your version of reality is wrong. History’s version of reality is wrong. Science’s version of reality is wrong. Facts are infuriating…

Source: Your Narcissistic Mother has been Elected President: Resist with Joy




Often over the last few days I have seen various posts on social media from friends whose mum is no longer living about the irreplaceable nature of the bond between mother and daughter and how they are missed.

The feeling it prompts in me is anger and a desire to scream at the top of my lungs not all mothers are like that and yet the sentiment holds true in me in my desire for that and hope that I will be that idea of a mother for my children.

I have been estranged from my mother for 9 months. I just counted funnily enough the same length of time it would have taken her to carry me in her womb when she was 19.  In those 9 months which has carried us through, birthdays, Christmas, New Year and Easter my mum has not once contacted me or my children…

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