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Building Your Author Mailing List

Kobo Writing Life

By Mark Dawson

I can still remember it, even three years later. I had published my first indie novel, The Black Mile, and had arranged a weekend’s worth of promotion to mark it going free for a few days. It was August, and I was out for a ride on my bike to watch the local farmer bringing in his harvest. I hadn’t expected much from the promotion, but, as I took out my phone and checked how many copies had been downloaded, I almost fell off my bike. Five figures. Thousands of new readers. I couldn’t believe it. My celebrations were tempered, though, by the swift realisation that I’d made a dreadful mistake. All of those readers, some of whom might even enjoy the book, they had nowhere to go afterwards. There was no second book. Worse than that, I had neglected to set up a mailing list where…

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Building Your Author Mailing List From Scratch

Ben Y. Faroe

In all my research about how to market your books, the consensus I keep finding is that the real foundation for an effective strategy comes down to two things: your next book and your mailing list.

This makes sense. Each book boosts all the rest, and there’s no point in finding ways to drive traffic if there’s no high-quality catalog of books for people to find. And for all the social media and book promotions and algorithm hacking, I can’t imagine a more stable and consistent way to make sales than to have a list of people who like what you do and have asked you to contact them directly when you have new work available. So while I’m constantly experimenting and researching to find and harness good ways to get the word out, my fundamental strategy rests on writing more books and maintaining a strong mailing list.

Except I don’t have a mailing list…

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