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Writing a memoir: what are the benefits?

Lyn Alderson

woman-41201_1280Should you write a memoir, and what are the benefits of such a project?

I’ve been thinking this through while ghost writing two very different memoirs for ladies who both have fascinating stories.

These women are inspirational characters who have given a lot to other people, and they both have great insights: the world needs to hear what they have to say.

So think about whether you have a great story that will benefit others when they read it. You don’t need to be famous or wealthy, although you might be. But you do need an eventful life story, one that involves overcoming challenges, or triumphing over adversity.

The best and the worst memoirs

In the best memoirs I’ve read, people have reflected on- and owned up to- their mistakes as human beings and found a positive way forward despite what life has thrown at them. The worst memoirs are the…

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DFriends often beg me to write my memoir. I usually respond with something like, “there’s no resolution so why write it?” As I continue to work on this memoir I begin to see why it is important to finish it. It is not to write the best seller, gain notoriety or get rich. It is to leave something of myself behind and find the denouement within me.

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Why Memoirs are Special

The PBS Blog

equipeng95“…it is difficult for those who publish their own memoirs to escape the imputation of vanity. Nor is this the only disadvantage under which they labor: it is also their misfortune, that whatever is uncommon is rarely, if ever, believed, and from what is obvious we are apt to turn away in disgust, and to charge the writer of it with impertinence.” – Gustavus Vass (Olaudah Equiano)

So, why do I want to tell my story? Why has the itch to spill the beans of my background always been with me? Some may call it a dream, but I call it a challenge. Of all the books I’ve written, writing my life story is one of my greatest challenges and I hope to conquer it real soon. I feel like I have not completely exhausted my writing endeavors until I have written a story of my life. I’ve danced with…

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5 Tips for Your Memoir

The Real Memoir

There is no one out there who can account for your life but yourself.

We have been told this many times by now and if you haven’t heard it yet, then you are commended on a job well done! To see stories unfold on TV, in movies, on the street or even in our own lives is how we obtain knowledge about different experiences aside from living them ourselves. It’s the flavor of life! The scenarios are too many to play out all in one lifetime and even the slightest of comments in any conversation can provide just what we need to learn about the bigger picture. So let the journey begin.

1) Commit

The key to beginning your memoir is to start! It can be a scary thought to put yourself out there but look at your own story and how much life you have lived, who better to…

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Keep On Writing

The Write Nook

It’s very easy to stop writing. When you have a few weeks of a hectic schedule, hit a hard writer’s block, or have lost faith that your writing will ever “succeed” it’s easy to quit. Your frustrations and outside pressures cloud your head and sometimes it just easier to give up. You are probably thinking that I am going to tell you not to do this and that you shouldn’t let a few rough days, weeks, or months keep you from completing what you have set out to do. If that’s what you are thinking… you are right! But, I don’t want you to keep writing just so your book, novel, memoir, short story, or poem gets finished. I want you to write because it’s healthy. There are many health “fads” out there right now to help you reach your optimal physical health. There’s Crossfit, obstacle course runs (warrior dashes, mud…

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LEGACY: What Are You Leaving for Your Future Generations?


When we hear the word “legacy”,
what thoughts come to your mind?
Do you think about your families…
and what their futures will find?
What kind of legacy are we leaving…
for our future generations?
Is it one of abundant blessings…
or of struggles and frustrations?

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