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10 ways I put myself back together after trauma


IMG_6126 This is me at 17 years of age

I can’t tell you how much the response meant to me after I posted Til it Happens to you. The support was incredible! I was too overcome to respond for a while. People have asked how I got through it all. I suffered status epilepticus at 13, meaning I had continual seizures which couldn’t be controlled. I stopped breathing and was in a coma. It took a long time to recover from this event (it was predicted I wouldn’t). The next year, I met a monster, and was abused. The finale was being thrown off a building at fifteen. My healing has taken over twenty years. There are some things that have helped.

1. I can’t handle violence of any kind. I can’t discuss literature, nor movies, let alone view them, if they are violent. At first, I didn’t want people to…

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What is Church?

Susan Irene Fox

©Sira Anamwong, freedigitalphotos.net ©Sira Anamwong, freedigitalphotos.net

Church is people who follow Jesus. Church is people who care. Church is people who meet you where you are. Church is people who uplift and encourage. Church is safe. Church is hope. Church is the Holy Spirit showing up through people you hardly know to let you know He knows your heart.

Church is where your vulnerability meets my vulnerability and together we walk unashamedly toward God.

Church is a group of online bloggers who, without fail, write about the love and compassion of God. They demonstrate it in their responses to comments, in their quest to follow Jesus, and in their desire to let His light shine through them.

Church is wherever two or more are gathered in His name.

Church is just me on my little deck loaded with plants, where I sit in quiet repose, writing praise poetry, reading my Bible, keeping company…

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Creative Talents Unleashed


Excerpt from our book “Unleashed”


For everyone who is hurting
Lost anything
Lost everything
Lost another
A significant other
I will write a prayer for
Peace across my heart for you

For every orphan child
You do not deserve to be parentless
Be it from death or abandonment
May you never grow up feeling
Heart less, hungry, or
I will write a prayer for
Peace across my heart for you

For every parent
Who grieves the loss of a child
May their spirit never leave
Your heart
I will write a prayer for
Peace across my heart for you

For every woman with
Low self esteem
May you build yourself up
And reach your dream
I will write a prayer for
Peace across my heart for you

For every homeless person
May your circumstances
Not worsen
May you find your angel
And be able
One day come off…

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