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Memoir: From Reality to Reality

Laughing Penguins

A memoir is often seen as a single-dimensional ‘truth’ about a writer, the writer’s self-expression or confession. A memoir, in in fact, is the writer’s perception of truth, and her need to express that perception in her chosen format.

And so, a memoir is the writer’s journey from reality of lived experience to the reality of ‘worded’ impressions.

There are things in a writer’s life that present themselves unasked, uninvited, right there at her desk; then there are moments that demand the writer’s focused attention to reveal themselves; finally there are faraway wraiths of memories that desperately seek writerly resolve, and vital emotional effort to divulge their core and deepest essence. This is the truth; so is that; and so is that.

On the other side, a reader of a memoir fixes her gaze on a single familiar face: this is what she thought, this is where she ate and…

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Writing Your Own Story

The Write Nook

Memoir writing is a popular form of expression. Many of us experience at least one life changing moment in our lives and it’s natural to want to share our experiences. It’s in our human nature to want to help others who may be going through the same thing we did or to connect with people who have had similar experiences. We hate to feel alone and reaching out to others who know what we went through or are currently going through is comforting. Writing and putting our experiences out there is the easiest way to build your own personal support group. Writing is also therapeutic, allowing you to work through your feelings and maybe even find some feelings you never knew were there.


Author Mary Karr recently published a book entitled, The Art of Memoir. She presented her book to a group of fans in California and gave out some…

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Arcing, Enhancing, and Advancing the Memoir

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

Memoirs are hot topics again. Like all literature, memoir goes in and out of favor. However, with so many people blogging, self-publishing, and “knowing their story will touch millions”, there is ample opportunity to write a good and bad memoir.

Since my memoir, Finding North: A Woman’s Journey from Addict 2 Advocate is with the editor, I don’t have to focus on the product but have time to write about the planning and process of memoir writing, because it’s within the planning and processing that we improve upon the story. That is not to say that we embellish, mislead or outright lie in our memoir, but we do enhance the events, and concentrate on the emotions, thoughts, and conflict of the protagonist – and that’s us.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to create a bell curve and decide a starting point in your life, remembering that…

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5 Beliefs That Stalled My Healing

Healing from abuse really is a journey. At times it is hard work, it can be frustrating, scary, cathartic, ecstatic, rage inducing, panic triggering. It can be all those things in the span of 5 minutes even. Above all, healing from abuse is worth your while. As with any journey, sometimes the mountains seem to high, the potholes too deep and the road too long. I too have felt overwhelmed and stuck on my road to recovery. What I found is that sometimes your own beliefs about your journey, are precisely the reason you got stuck.

Here are 5 beliefs that stalled my healing and kept me from embracing my healing journey and moving from surviving to thriving.

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