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How Black Women Did The Math That Put Men On The Moon


katherine_johnson_john_glenn_custom-796cde03ea5318737cec524835f30925fadbdd62-s800-c85 Katherine Johnson sits at her desk with a globe, or “Celestial Training Device.” NASA/NASA

Many Americans are familiar with the astronaut heroes of the 20th century space race — names like Gus Grissom and Neil Armstrong. But who did the calculations that would successfully land these men on the moon?

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“Witness To Change” Memoir Recounts Civil Rights Struggles Of New Orleans


Sybil Morial has written a memoir about growing up in segregated New Orleans. /Courtesy John F. Blair Sybil Morial has written a memoir about growing up in segregated New Orleans.
/Courtesy John F. Blair

If you’re from New Orleans, you’re probably familiar with the Morial family. Two of them have served as mayors of the city. But the story of Sybil Haydel Morial has not been fully told until now.

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Freedom Riders: It wasn’t about race, it was about rights

The trailer is powerful!!! but not for the faint at heart.

A Melange of Musings

The 1961 Freedom Rides, organized by CORE, were modeled after the organization’s 1947 Journey of Reconciliation. During the 1947 action, African-American and white bus riders tested the 1946 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Morgan v. Virginia that segregated bus seating was unconstitutional. The 1961 Freedom Rides sought to test a 1960 decision by the Supreme Court in Boynton v. Virginia that segregation of interstate transportation facilities, including bus terminals, was unconstitutional as well. A big difference between the 1947 Journey of Reconciliation and the 1961 Freedom Rides was the inclusion of women in the later initiative. In both actions, black riders traveled to the American South–where segregation continued to occur–and attempted to use whites-only restrooms, lunch counters and waiting rooms.



Before we go any further I want y’all to think about that. Black and White, men and women, got on a bus to drive deep into the South…

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Little Known Black History Fact: Tulsa Race Riots

Black America Web

The destruction of Tulsa, Okla.’s “Black Wall Street” district, also known as the “Tulsa Race Riot,” is one of the most explosive racial incidents of the early 20th Century. Angry white rioters destroyed Tulsa’s Greenwood neighborhood, then considered the most affluent all-Black district in the nation.

The riots were sparked by unconfirmed reports of an assault of a White girl by a Black man. Jim Crow was a fact of life in Tulsa. The city passed a 1916 ordinance that forbade Blacks and Whites to live within a block of one another. This led to the self-contained Greenwood are, which blossomed into a prosperous district of Black-owned businesses and homes.

Dick Rowland, a 19-year-old Black shoeshiner, had an encounter on May 30, 1921 inside the Drexel Building elevator with a 17-year-old white operator named Sarah Page as he was headed to a restroom. A clerk in the building heard screams…

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