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Working for the Man, Playing in the Band: My Years with James Brown


This is an entertaining book by a guitar player who gets called up to play for James Brown’s band the Soul Generals at a moment’s notice halfway around the world. Damon Wood goes on to chronicle what it’s like to play as a side man for “the hardest working man in show business” for the next 6 years. The good, the bad, and the not so great times of traveling with a large group of musicians, much of the time on a band bus. There were other times spent hustling onto planes to rush to buses then to a venue to barely have time for a sound check, then back to a hotel. to grab a quick shower and iron your costume for the show and relax a bit before going on. But when the music was good it would make you forget all of that stress, especially when James…

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Best-Selling Author James McBride Searches for James Brown In “Kill ’Em and Leave”


Author James McBride. Photo credit: Chia Messina Author James McBride. Photo credit: Chia Messina

About 25 years ago, James McBride’s journey to self through the prism of his mother’s life led him to Suffolk, where she had spent part of her childhood. The award-winning author interviewed distant relatives and retraced Ruth’s childhood there. That culminated in the 1996 memoir “The Color of Water,” which explored McBride’s life as a black man with a white mother.

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