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How do you mend a broken heart….

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The other day I was speaking with someone about their broken heart. The conversation came out of nowhere but when she started to speak, I felt my heart break as she told me what had happened. I’ve heard many stories like hers and certainly have experienced my own heartbreaks. Several in my lifetime, to be honest. Each time the song (written by the Bees Gees in the early 70’s) “How do you mend a broken heart” pops in my head, albeit the blues soul version by Al Green resonates more for me with its soul-full tone.

The broken heart

Our emotional heart breaks when trust has been broken. We’ve bonded, invested, expected and hoped with our trust and something shatters us, causing it to break.

Like the physical heart spurts blood when cut, so our broken heart bleeds in sadness.


I’ve always been struck by the bleeding heart…

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Fly free from emotional abuse

As many of you know, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. I reblogged this post from Galesmind because many survivors of emotional child abuse find themselves in emotionally abusive relationships as adults.


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beware night mare

Emotional abuse is never ok. It can leave scars much deeper than any fist hitting flesh. The wounds are carried in the mind, heart and soul. People who are sensitive and caring are usually the victims. They are easy to manipulate because they really care about others. It often starts with the perpetrator putting the victim on a pedestal. When someone goes too fast claiming “love at first site” or something else it should give someone pause. It can happen but healthy relationships are built over time. Another red flag is “I love you so much I want you to myself.” If you plan things with other than the perpetrator they will make you feel guilty. Tell you that obviously you dont’ care about them. They should be enough. Slowly they will isolate you from people that care about you. You end up under their control completely. Sometimes they will…

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