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Cracked Pots

Glimpses of the Greater

Shattered pieces

Shards of clay

Life has handled us roughly

The once smooth texture

Now riddled with a thousand cracks

Damaged goods

Too far gone

We slide to the back of the shelf

Hide ourselves behind the unbroken pots

And we give up on ourselves

But He doesn’t

He searches in the shadows

For those who hide

For those whose confidence has shattered

To bring restoration and to bring new hope

Cracks of shame

Filled with the clay of grace

Old scars of torment

Now our tale of redemption

We step forward

Back into the light

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My Name is Mahtob

Things You Don't Forget

51I3HQQTuYL__SX327_BO1,204,203,200_I’m only a few years older than Mahtob Mahmoody, so I never read her mother’s book, Not Without My Daughter.  However, I remember when the movie based on the book came to theatres and the media coverage of the story.  An American woman married a man from Iran and he took his wife and child back to Iran to visit for two weeks, except he never intended to return.  He kidnapped and imprisoned them, telling his wife she could return to America, but her daughter would stay with him.  She refused to leave without her little girl and found allies in Iran to help her to escape to the Turkish border with her daughter.  This book covers the daughter’s memory of what happened and tells her life story after they returned to the United States.

The two major themes in this book that spoke to me most were the acknowledgement of God’s…

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What is Church?

Susan Irene Fox

©Sira Anamwong, freedigitalphotos.net ©Sira Anamwong, freedigitalphotos.net

Church is people who follow Jesus. Church is people who care. Church is people who meet you where you are. Church is people who uplift and encourage. Church is safe. Church is hope. Church is the Holy Spirit showing up through people you hardly know to let you know He knows your heart.

Church is where your vulnerability meets my vulnerability and together we walk unashamedly toward God.

Church is a group of online bloggers who, without fail, write about the love and compassion of God. They demonstrate it in their responses to comments, in their quest to follow Jesus, and in their desire to let His light shine through them.

Church is wherever two or more are gathered in His name.

Church is just me on my little deck loaded with plants, where I sit in quiet repose, writing praise poetry, reading my Bible, keeping company…

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