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3 Ideas for a Successful Book Launch by Kristen Hogrefe

Sandra Ardoin

Sandra Ardoin @SandraArdoin

A myriad of writing resources talk about honing the craft, but fewer address how to prepare for a book launch. No matter our publishing path, the industry expects us writers to play a leading role in spreading the word about our books.

Join Kristen Hogrefe on the Seriously Write blog as she provides three tips for launching your new book. While you’re there, share your experience. 


Do you have any tips to add for launching a book into the marketplace?

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How to Throw a Successful Book Signing

Tina Bausinger


You published a book, yay! Now what? Of course, the next step should be to put together a book signing. Book signings are different from book release parties, which are usually less formal. A book signing is imperative to getting your name out there into the public eye.

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The Complete Book Launch Party Checklist

Tiana Warner

A good book launch party should be about the guests as much as it should be about your personal achievement. Your guests are there in support of you, so make sure you greet them with food, drink, entertainment, free swag, and the chance to win prizes.

The preparations are a lot of work, but this step-by-step checklist should help reduce that feeling of floundering aimlessly as your launch day approaches. Start planning 3-4 months in advance, and don’t be afraid to accept help from those who offer.

Book launch party checklist
Click the image to see the graphic, or click here to download the high-quality PDF. Read on to see my thoughts and recommendations for each list item.

1. Order copies of your book

Yes. This is step one. Can you imagine having launch day arrive only to realize your paperbacks are still with the UPS guy? Good lord.

Order lots. There’s no such…

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