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What Should a Book Cover Design Achieve?

Peter Fritze

Blog23 ImageIf you’re self-publishing a book of fiction, you should pay close attention to your cover design. This seems like irrefutable advice, yet many self-pub books have an inferior cover. So why is cover design so important?

I had a good chat with my cover designer, Emma Dolan, about this.

The answer is that good cover design promotes readership and sales of a book. It does so by sending several key messages in the split second a potential reader looks at the cover.

There’s Quality Inside: A compelling cover conveys the message that the entire book is professionally done. This is especially important for a self-published book. Through the cover, a potential reader can be assured that the book’s language and layout are as good as those of traditionally published books.

The Book Offers a Good Story:An interesting cover design suggests that the book’s story is appealing, too. It might even convince a reader to experiment with the…

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How to make your book cover attract readers: A conversation with book designer Adam Hall

“The cover needs to convey the genre, and give a clue into the story. It doesn’t need to tell the whole story, but create enough intrigue to catch the readers’ eye.”

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Over the past year, I have gotten to know, Adam Hall, who is a book designer for indie authors. His website, www.aroundthepages.com  is a showcase for his work, but Adam also does design for a variety of diverse projects and audiences. He has worked with both first-time and experienced authors on one book or a series. I asked him to share some of his insights recently about designing for books. His answers to my questions follow below.

Type is as important as the image on a cover. Type is as important as the image on a cover.

How did you start designing book covers? 

I got my start by doing a favor for a friend, Ernie Lindsey. He is an indie writer who has made the USA Today Bestseller list with his series, Sara’s Game. A few years ago he needed some help tweaking a cover. Ernie and I have now collaborated on about 10+ projects. Through his, and…

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