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5 Ways to Create an Effective Author Website

Blue-Collar Bookworm

The inflexible reality of the self-publishing boom is that author websites are everywhere. Whether you’re publishing through traditional channels or independently launching your book as the flagship product of a one-person press, you need a website that immediately grabs the casual visitor’s attention—in a good way. Your author website can either mark you as an amateur or exude a clever, market-savvy professionalism that sets you apart from the pack. To ensure the latter effect, follow these five guiding principles.

  1. Match your design to your content. Dayglo color schemes and an author photo that’s been redubbed in pop-art style could work well if your books are gonzo coming-of-age stories, or even social commentary in the breathless style of Tom Wolfe. If your work is literary and your style mostly restrained, a minimalist theme does you justice. If you’re not certain about the impression a given design leaves, test-market it: ask friends…

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5 Reasons Every Independent Author Should Have a Website

As an author, should I have a separate (from my blog, Facebook page, etc.) author website?


In our ongoing content creation series, we’ve covered the basics of planning a content strategy in detail. You’ve probably noticed that unlike many of the copywriting agencies on the Internet, we’ve touched on how each element of content creation applies in principle to independent authors. One of the questions we often hear is, “Why should I [as an indie author] care about a content strategy and content marketing?” Our answer is simple, “Because every independent author should have a website.”

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