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A long way home by Saroo Brierley


Amy A Long Way HomeNot the most beautifully written, A Long Way Home is an extraordinary story of a very small, lost, boy holding tight to his memories, being supported by his adoptive parents and using technology methodically and painstakingly to find his family. It is uplifting and hopeful, if not very revealing of personality.

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About Books I Read

There is No Me Without YouFirst, a disclaimer:  After reading Melissa Fay Greene’s 2002 New York Times Magazine article about the AIDS orphan crisis in Africa, I felt compelled to go  to Ethiopia, where I volunteered for three months at orphanages, observed (even participated in) some of the events described in her book, and later served as an informal “fact checker” for her. (Melissa called me once “Rita. Do you remember — were we staying on the second or third floor at the Yilma Hotel?” It is that kind of attention to detail that permeates the reporting in this fabulous book.) I hold her accountable (and am grateful to her beyond measure) for the change in the trajectory of my life: I would not have gone to Ethiopia; I would not have decided to adopt; I would not now be a mother – but for Melissa and her powerful writing.

Now, a warning:  If…

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Not an Orphan

Susan Irene Fox


Accepting my adoption

With intended inheritance

The grace and love and compassion revealed

Life is a journey of small surrenders

As I follow, faith ignited,

From you living water flows.

From you, blessing overflows.

I’m branded by your adoption.

This blaze does not consume, but ignited

New Jerusalem my inheritance

This day I choose surrender

Unexplained peace is revealed

Each day your word is revealed

You give eyes to see, meaning flows,

Allow Spirit to teach in surrender,

Maturity grows within adoption,

Mirror clears with inheritance,

Face to face love ignited

A new view you ignited;

The way, the truth, the life revealed,

No laws but love is our inheritance,

From your center concentric circles flow

As we love we show adoption

Transformation, surrender.

Open hands in surrender,

Heart, mind and passion ignited

Cast out fear and embrace my adoption,

Grace and unconditional love revealed,

Through me your spirit and…

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