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My review: Naked-Stripped By A Man and Hurricane Katrina-by Julie Freed


Front%20Cover%20-%20CopyThis book is a memoir that takes us beyond the headlines we all watched on the news. This is a deeply personal story that is more than just loss of home and items, and dealing with being dislocated.

I felt like I was reading her personal diary, and the writing was so deep and emotional it felt like she was sitting across a table from me.

I felt her strength and saw how she grew stronger throughout her ordeal. She is not one for sympathy or one who wallows in self pity.

She showed dignity, intelligence and compassion for others all throughout her tale.

This is not a self-serving memoir like so many seem to be. No, hers is a story that needs to be shared. Should be shared. We all could benefit from the lessons we learn from her experience.

I received this book from the Author in exchange…

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Robin Roberts: ‘I’m Blessed, Grateful and Doing Well’

Robin Roberts talks about her new book Everybody’s Got Something, a memoir, on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

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 Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts has gone through a trial with millions of Americans watching. First she battled breast cancer, then a rare blood disease called MDS which required a bone marrow transplant from her older sister. Despite being in the public eye, she did it all with grace and during the process, acknowledged that she had a longtime girlfriend, Amber.

Roberts’ new book Everybody’s Got Something is not just a memoir, it’s an encouraging take on life, loss and grace. Robin talked to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about it and here’s what she had to say.

TJMS: How are you doing?

ROBIN ROBERTS: I am doing so well and that’s the first question people ask me. And it’s not just something off the top of their head. They really want to know. And I really want to say, I am blessed…

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