Death and Taxes (in Self-Publishing)

Erin Thedwall

Death and Taxes.png

With a self-publishing roadmap in hand and company paperwork in order, it’s time to move on to everyone’s favorite topic: taxes.

This blog post from Helen Sedwick outlines why it’s so import to file for an EIN with the IRS, instead of relying solely on your Social Security Number. It’s quick and easy to fill out the form with the IRS – and you get your number immediately.

While already filling out federal paperwork, I also used this opportunity to file for a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. This form takes a little longer to fill out, and it can take several months before you hear back from the Copyright Office. Technically, your copyright exists from the moment you actually create your content. But having everything in place now could save a lot of effort and anguish down the road in the case of infringement.

Next up, business…

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  1. Love Helen’s books. Lynette, will I have your questions back by this weekend? 🙂 You’re on a week this Friday.

    1. Yes! I forgot to finish the questions before I went on vacation. I’m still on vacation until the first week in August. But it won’t be a problem to get them to you by this Friday

      1. Glad I reminded you. Enjoy your vacation! Monday or Tuesday is fine! 🙂

      2. When you get a chance, check your email. I sent you the interview answers.

      3. Fab! Thanks so much Lynette. So excited to have you over. 🙂

      4. And I’m excited to be on your site Debbie!

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