The Value of Consistent Book Marketing

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From my years in publishing, I find many writers expect to have instant success.|

While they may not say it verbally, they show this expectation in other ways. It makes sense since we live in a fast-moving, instant message world. One of the ways I see this expectation is in contract negotiations with new authors. In the details of the contract sometimes writers try and narrow the length of the contract to two or three years. I understand their desire but I often end up explaining that books sometimes take several years to take off and reach the public. At Morgan James Publishing, we’ve had a number of books with modest sales in the beginning, but the author consistently works at marketing and spreading the word about their book. These authors try multiple approaches to reach their audience. Then almost without explanation, their book begins to consistently sell…

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  1. Well, this is somewhat encouraging! As I tended to think that if a book didn’t take off after a year it was a lost cause, and people can be suspicious of a book that has been out awhile but remains obscure.

    1. I know this to be true if memoir. Another author friend of mine told me she saw an interview of Jeannette Walls (author of Glass Castle) where she talked about how it took three years for her book to take off. I imagine that was three years of consistent promotion by her publisher. Now 11 years later, her book is going to be made into a movie.

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