Why your memoir won’t sell



  1. Often times authors don’t realize that the biggest challenge with memoir is not to what to put in the memoir but what to leave out. They have to realize that a memoir is not a biography. You have a great site. We wish you well, Scott

    1. So true. I struggled with at in my memoir as well.

  2. Sometimes you have to start with an autobiography. As you progress with each re-write you get closer to a memoir and further from an autobiography. It takes time for the reflections and takeaways to be be revealed. Check out my latest post for my thoughts: https://nancychadwickauthor.com/blog/

    1. I so agree with you Nancy. I started out with an autobiography. And after the first draft, I started pruning. It took awhile before I could see my story. Then it took a while to develop it

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