Promoting A Book – 3 Must Know Methods When Self Publishing

Writer to Writer

As was already covered in a post on book marketing, we must consider ourselves a brand – we must make ourselves a brand. But if you want to earn money and do book marketing, and you’re not a brand, there are a few ways to improve your rank when you’re self publishing.

3. Pricing

This is a controversial one. On one side you have a group of people willing to sell everything for a dollar, but on the other side you have people who wish to price their work by its quality worthiness and not market’s demands.

It hard to find the middle ground – I’m an advocate for pricing the quality, not going to sell at any cost. But it’s understandable that it’s a trend these days for people to price a novel for $0.99 since all the other first time authors do so. I exaggerate, of course.

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