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One of my authors sent me this week a photograph of his manuscript as he is editing it: cut into strips of paper, each paragraph sliced into a free-standing piece of writing to make it easier to rearrange and rewrite as necessary. I’ve heard tell of other writers using this tool, too, as well as countless other editing techniques.

Editing is an essential part of writing. From concept to publication, writing, editing, and rewriting are fundamental to getting your work published. As if making good writing weren’t difficult enough, editing your own work and then rewriting it can be an excruciating exercise in torture. It’s mentally exhausting.

The truth is that it is really difficult to edit your own work.
But it has to be done.

That doesn’t mean that yours should be the only eyes that see your work before you submit it for publication. Getting a professional to…

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  1. “Slice & dice”! haha! Whatever works, right?

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