5 Things about Publishing Every Self-Published Author Should Know

Patricia Ann Bridewell

Self-published authors have forever changed the publishing industry with their enterprising way of creating a book. Self-published authors have figured out how to write, print, and publish while keeping their profits. However, there are a few things newly self-published authors do not consider and should before publishing their next project.

1- Launch day is always a Tuesday. New releases are always launched by publishing houses on Tuesday. Imagine having your book on Amazon’s list of new releases with established authors in your genre.

2- Cover art is important. It’s great to have a cousin or friend who does graphic design. It is even greater to have a professional adept at creating covers that are competitive with renowned authors in your genre. Want to see how important cover art is? Visit Simon & Schuster’s Art Department’s Instagram Account.

3- Images and graphics inside of your book have to be high…

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  1. Thank you for this, Lynette! ❤

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