Novel Length And Formats

Writer to Writer

A common question among beginner writers that I asked myself a couple of times is: ‘How long should my novel be? How do I even count? Pages? Words?’ You get the point.

According to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) these are the word categories recognized:

  1. Novel
  2. Novella
  3. Novelette
  4. Short story

But to be perfectly fair, there are some major differences in the novel category. Those vary from publisher to publisher, and from organization to organization. But what does the audience want?

Unsurprisingly, what major publishers, agents and organizations recommend is what I have found to be what readers on writing and reading forums expect as well, with some little differences.

To be even more fair, it all in the end depends on the way you develop your plot, and the quality of your ideas.

But, here are the guidelines to follow.

SFWA Categories


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  1. Awesome post, I definitely think this is a much asked question by new writers, and I’m happy to be able to refer them over to your post from now on.

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