The First Cocoon Layer: Silence

Living Outside The Cocoon

I used to think that the cocoon that surrounds a caterpillar to protect it while it transforms, was just a single hard shell. In fact, a cocoon is made up of many layers.

Learning this was important to me because like a cocoon, over time, I too would “cocoon” myself. Each layer I meant to protect me until I could also transform. The only problem, and its an important one, unlike the caterpillar, I didn’t know when to stop adding layers.

Layers of hurt, layers of denial, layers of anger. Anything that came from abuse, I could create a layer in my cocoon to defend myself from it.

The first layer, silence, is the one I want to talk about here. Probably because it is the first layer I made and, I believe, it is the first layer that most abused people create for their cocoons.

Silence is a powerful…

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