InDesign Beginner’s Cheat Sheet: Part 3

Just Can't Help Writing

It’s time to put final elements together before producing a pdf suitable for submission to Ingram and CreateSpace. Most important at this final stage is your “front matter.”

Front Matter

This term refers to your title page(s), your copyright page, and any other elements you want to include, such as quotes from reviews or blurbs you’ve solicited, epigraphs like quotes from poems or songs, or an author’s note—everything leading up to the actual first page of Chapter One.

To begin, determine how many front matter pages you want. I’ve discovered that, except for the copyright page, most published books insert front-matter text only on odd-numbered pages, or the right-hand pages. So in my books, I include the following front matter pages:

  • Page 1: A “Praise for” page of quotes from editorial reviews
  • Page 2: Blank
  • Page 3: Title (return) by (return) Author, all centered
  • Page 4: Copyright page (see discussion…

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  1. Hi, Lynette! Thanks so much for sharing this series. I hope it does prove helpful to some readers. I couldn’t understand paying a book-packager a lot of money to do this. There’s a learning curve, sure, but if you already word-process (and we mostly do), it’s nothing insurmountable! Best of luck with your work!

    1. You are most welcome! I’m sure it will be helpful to some. Your instructions are very easy to follow which caught my eye. Yes, there is a learning curve but this is a very powerful software. I love the way you changed all the italicized text to Book Antiqua but left the other text the same. I don’t believe in paying for something I can do myself either.

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