What Watching This Year’s Best Picture Nominees Has Taught Me About Storytelling

Novelty Revisions

I’m not the best movie watcher. On average, I probably watch about five movies every year, two or three in theaters at the most. I tend to stick to movies with hype, movies adapted from books I’ve read. I stay in a film-viewing comfort zone. At least I always have, until this year.

As I’m writing this, I have seen all but three of the movies nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. That means I’ve seen more movies already in 2017 than I usually watch in a year – and that’s not counting movies I’ve seen that are up for other awards.

Why have I suddenly set out on this journey to show up to the Oscars more prepared than usual? I like award shows, for one thing, and I like being able to cast my own vote, so to speak. If something wins an award, I want…

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  1. True. And, some daring film writes awarded were “of Mice nd Men’ and “the Rainman”. I love writes that are truly emotional and different.. Nice post!

  2. I do too. When that happens, it really can really bring about awareness and change. The movie that’s coming to mind right now is “Claudine.”

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