Digging Deep for Meaning in Memoirs

The Accidental Writer

If my memoirs were only a capture of the facts and events as they’ve happened, I’d be able to publish one on my books this year and likely the other one next year.

But writing memoir is not about just chronicling facts and events. Writing memoir is about recalling and interpreting facts and events into something meaningful.

Yes, the events of our lives happened. BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

“What it means” is the whole point of writing memoir. For many of us who write or read memoirs, it is what drives us to write our own and to voraciously read someone else’s. We don’t want to regurgitate the facts or read someone else’s regurgitated facts. We want to piece together the clues of our own lives and determine what it all means. We want to read someone else’s clues and see what they believe it all means compared…

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  1. Sue J

    Thanks for re-blogging my Writer’s Journal post, Lynette! I’m humbled you found its content worthy of sharing. Writing memoir is certainly not easy, but is very much worth the effort.

    I see that besides memoir writing, your blog covers the topic of emotional struggles. This is a topic near and dear to my heart, so I’m happily becoming a follower of your blog today. 🙂 You may also find my Swimming in the Mud (www.swimminginthemud.com) personal-essay driven blog of some interest, since, like your blog, it focuses on emotional healing through life’s struggles.

    Peace to you in all your travels,
    Sue J

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