Get the Most from Your Proof: Create a Proofing Plan

Experienced authors know the value of ordering and reviewing a proof of their book before making it available for sale. But this is a step that new self-publishers often overlook until it’s too lat…

Source: Get the Most from Your Proof: Create a Proofing Plan


  1. What I did not realize until I ordered a proof was that font was much too big, unless I had intended it to be (I did not), and the colors needed to be improved. Also, I found errors while reading the physical book that were missed while editing. I highly recommend ordering the proof copy.

    1. So did you have to back to each of the vendors that helped you to have the corrections done? Did this process delay the publication of your book? If so, by how much time?

  2. This…is…so…true!!! I ended up ordering five proofs for my book because I kept missing stuff! Very costly when you’re not paying attention. So I would maybe add, have another person read through.

    1. Getting my book ready for publication in April. And as you know, the proofing phase is brutal. Even when paying attention, small mistakes are easy to miss. This is probably one of the reasons why traditional publishing takes so long. I can see the big publishing houses taking a year to get a manuscript right.

      1. Absolutely! And congratulations!

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