1. Yup, that’s my mother all right. I was having a conversation this morning with a woman whose mother spanked her violently, but regretted it later in life and asked forgiveness so many times that this woman finally said “enough with the apologies, I forgive you already!”

    If my mother ever asked forgiveness I’d faint on the spot. And I’d forgive her. And I’d still not trust a word she said, because the other shoe would certainly follow the first one, sooner than later. What a waste.

    1. I’d probably faint if mine ever asked forgiveness too. That’s why I’m not holding my breath…

      1. Nah, don’t hold your breath. You might faint from hypoxia🤔! Best to enjoy life as best we can. “I ain’t broke, just badly bent…” Who said that? I can’t remember…

  2. That sounds like a woman I know. She’s crazy.

  3. That list is my ex-husband!

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