It’s all about image: the skewed values of narcissistic families

Lucky Otters Haven


Last night I read a blog post by another survivor of narcissistic parents , and was astounded by how similar her parents’ values were to mine.

She writes that her father criticized her for being too idealistic. Now that would normally be a compliment, but because her family valued nothing but money, class and image, it was meant to be an insult. My father (who I don’t think is a narcissist, but has always been a huge narcissist apologist and enabler), said exactly the same thing to me.

We live in a narcissistic and materialistic society, that increasingly values traits that are narcissistic and exalt the individual over the community. In fact, studies have shown that a high percentage of CEOs, top executives, Wall Street tycoons, and others of the “One Percent” have narcissistic personality disorder. It’s a disorder that is very adaptive in modern society and whose traits are…

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  1. I appreciate your reblogging this. It’s an important subject, and this is one of my favorite posts I wrote.

    1. You’re welcome. I never shared the same values as my immediate family either. I recognized early on that my mother’s family had a different set of values. It always puzzled me why, when I asked one of my aunts how my cousin was doing, she always told me about his job, as though his occupation explained how he was doing.

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