1. Thanks for this…I just went back and watched the whole movie over again. My therapist some years ago that I buy it, and I did. Every time I watch it, another piece of my own story makes sense. Then I went ahead and watched an interview with Cristina Crawford. Very, very interesting.

    1. Just watching the trailer was disturbing. It’s amazing to me that the book and movie was so controversial because when I watched the trailer, I could relate to it, but the interview, I could really relate to what she was saying. It’s amazing how most people don’t understand that narcissists have two faces like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Joan Crawford was an actress by profession but most narcissists are actors and actresses, by nature. Listening to the interview and seeing the pictures such as the one where an adult Joan Crawford was wearing a dress like her daughter’s. Thirty-something years later, we’ve learned a lot about this type of personality disorder. But we still have a long way to go as far as awareness…

      1. I got another eye opener (or was it a sharp stick in the eye?) when I went down the rabbit hole of trying to find an e-book edition of Christine’s Mommie Dearest book. I tried to find it several years ago and was told by an Amazon rep that it was not released for e-book publication. So I tried Google Books. Not there. Very interesting. In the process, I found a review of one of the many books written by Joan Crawford fans, who idolize her as, you know, the icon of kindness, charity, warmth, and style….the reviewer of this book praised the author as (I paraphrase here) “a person of true honest talent, who Ms. Crawford would have been delighted to LEGALLY adopt.” Now isn’t that a lovely dig at Christine, whose adoption, after all, was merely privately arranged? Oh, maybe that’s why she was left out of the will.

        Yeah, my mother tried joining my ballet class when I was six, so she could look good wearing our leotards. LMFAO just thinking of the pictures she HAD to have.

      2. I ordered a hard copy on Amazon for less than $5.00 but I had to pay shipping–another $4.00. Christina was probably left out of the will because narcissistic mothers generally always leave the scapegoat child out of the will…

      3. Also her brother Christopher. Who knows what these narcs have in their devious minds. I keep minimal contact with my own mother, and as she nears 90 years old she is cranking up the lies as if she’s trying to get them all in before she croaks. I’m trying to pretend she’s a weird movie that I’m watching. Interestingly, she’s starting to alienate the very people who were under the impression that she was a selfless angel….

      4. Right. It really is impossible to know what their devious minds are thinking. However, as they become older, they become more transparent to the very people that couldn’t see their lies before. Either that or they can’t keep up with their own lies. Either way, they end up alienating most of the very people that thought they were victims…

      5. At least I have the sad satisfaction of seeing them realize that….and that saddens me. Her life was a Hollywood movie, like the ones she watches every night. Oh well, can’t do a thing about it. I’m in my lifeboat, rowing away from the sinking ship….

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