Why People are Scared of Self-Publishing

Charlotte Anne Barker

It’s sadly true that some people are just plain scared of self-publishing. I mean really when you think about it, who to best sell your book than… well… you?

Although self-publishing has been on the rise for the past few years, titles and genres have been blurred so much that sometimes it can be hard to look or even, be original. With this I’m referring to ebooks; when you scroll down amazon or the book store on iTunes, you begin to notice how similar all of the books look. After scrolling to page 16, well, I don’t know about you but I sometimes feel like the first page is just repeating itself. It’s because of this that it can seem daunting to self-publish.

I mean lets face it, the person that knows your novel the best is you right? So why is it that many of us want agents or…

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  2. I’ve seen poorly edited and/or bad writing make it into self-published books, writers who spend more on the printing than they ever make, authors with boxes of unsold books in their garage. I like the gatekeeping of agenting, even if I’m never allowed in. Which so far, I’m not.

    1. Yes. Self-publishers need to know all aspects of the book publishing business, or be willing to learn all aspects of the business, or hire experts–editors, cover designers, etc., in addition to marketing their own books. It’s definitely not for everyone.

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