Emotional Abuse: When Someone Tells You

Sylvia Marcia

In July 2015, I broke up with my boyfriend and 4.5 years. On social media, we looked happy. Everyone told us how cute and great we looked. They didn’t know that 5 minutes before that picture was taken he called me a “bitch” or later that afternoon we had a humongous fight that left his voice hoarse. It was an emotionally abusive relationship. I don’t think he sees that still. I have learned to accept that. To me, however, the relationship scarred me. It has been over a year now, and I find myself letting it go finally and forgiving and moving on. I won’t this soon after we broke up.

When Someone Tells You

When someone tells you you’re crazy over and over,
You start to believe them.
When someone tells you to shut up every time you talk,
You start to apologize when you speak up.
When someone…

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  1. Your honesty will give others the courage to make the right, but difficult decision to leave the relationship.

    1. I agree Jean but I can’t take the credit for this piece. All credit goes to the blogger of Bits and Pieces of Me. I just reblogged it.

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