1. I’m reading Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” and loving it!

  2. Yes, welcome back, Lynette! I’m going out of town for 2 weeks to a remote cabin in Alpine Meadows that doesn’t have internet. I’m going to focus on writing/editing – hurrah! But I’ll access the internet when I can….. And to answer this blog post’s question, last night I finished musician Dave Stewart’s memoir “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This”. Parts of it were interesting, but it didn’t float my boat. My next book is going to be “Lab Girl”, I think. I have a bunch waiting for me on my Kindle, LOL!

    1. That sounds wonderful! I’m actually reading two books right now both memoirs, in addition to trying to get back into the swing of things, after my two-week vacation. I added a couple of books to my Kindle app too. Have a wonderful two weeks at your cabin!

    2. I’m trying not to panic but I can’t seem to find you on Twitter!

      1. Don’t panic, my dear! I took a Twitter and Facebook break until October 1st! It really helps me…..I highly recommend it, unless you’re about to publish a book! You have my email, but just in case it’s dyane@baymoon.com

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