4 Mistakes That Can Cost Your Book the Best Sellers List (Genre Categories)

Write Like Rowling

In my previous post I talked about virtual co-op and how most online bookstores sell their prime real estate to the highest bidder (i.e., large publishing houses). The exception is Amazon, whose co-op is mostly based on merit. In other words, Amazon gives away most of its prime spots to those books best suited to a particular reader’s tastes. Now the question is: how can a book show Amazon that it’s the best choice to recommend? That’s what we’ll be looking at in this final post on genre categories.

The 4 Big Mistakes

Many authors—and even publishing houses—don’t understand Amazon’s genre categories. This naïveté is extremely detrimental for sales because Amazon uses genre categories to fill its Best Sellers lists. In short, if you don’t understand how to categorize your book, you’re almost guaranteed lackluster sales. 

In this post I’ll again be drawing from David Gaughran’s book Let’s Get Visible: How to Get Noticed and Sell More Books.

Mistake #1: Your Categories Are Too Broad

For each book…

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  1. …so Lynette – Is this saying you should choose a category called Kindle eBook?

    1. On one hand, I think what she’s trying to emphasize that if you don’t choose a category under Kindle eBook, your eBook will be categorized along with print books. In order to prevent this, authors must choose a Kindle category which I assume is separate from the other categories. I suspect this is only for authors who only have an eBook. On the other hand, it appears she is saying use the category “Kindle Store–only” because not too many authors do and your book will place higher on the virtual book shelf. However, I asked for clarification in the comments of the original post. I’ll let you know what she said.

      1. Okay cool. Thanks!

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