What is Typesetting and Why Should You Care



You put lots of thought into your book. You consider the content you write and the eye catching cover of your book. What about the typesetting/formatting for your book? Do you think it is important?

Well, it really is!

Typesetting greatly affects the readability of your book. You are probably aware that grammar and spelling errors can distract the reader from the ideas you are trying to convey. Typesetting has a similar effect. The correct typeset will make it easier for the reader to comprehend the text. The wrong typeset will have the reader struggling to make sense of the text.

Readers don’t read individual letters. They read words. More familiar words are more easily recognized and read than unfamiliar ones. When readers read text they alternate between saccades (when the eye jumps from one point to another) and fixed periods. The text can only be comprehended during the fixed…

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  1. SO TRUE!!! Just to add my $.02…I’ve learned the difference between sans serif and serif fonts. Apparently, sans serif fonts are appropriate for eBooks and serif fonts are better for printed books. Serifs give the effect this author talks about because it looks like the letters are connected and gives the book readability. So many things to consider, it’s no wonder authors choose traditional publishing if they can 😉

    1. I agree. Most writers go the traditional route for this very reason–there are so many things to consider when self-publishing. Every little thing matters.Thanks for sharing about the serif fonts. Self-publishers have to do everything they can to make their books a smooth pleasant experience for their readers.Traditional publishers know how to do this well.

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