Books and Lesser Evils

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My Throwback Thursday review is for  –

In the Heat of the Night by John Ball is one of those classic novels that does so much more than transcend the genre, it lays the foundation for it. The African American Detective who demanded respect not only for his actions, but for his intellect as well. Truthfully one has to imagine that there would never have been a John Shaft, Easy Rawlins, or Alex Cross; had there not been Virgil Tibbs. This is also, to be noted, a disappearing genre. Is there a mainstream popular current detective character in fiction right now that is African American? I would wonder if you could name more than two, and no fair naming the ones I already have.

“…You’re pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you, Virgil,’ Gillespie retorted. ‘Incidentally, Virgil is a pretty fancy name for a black boy like you. What do they…

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