Barnes & Noble to Start a Print Book Self-Pub Option?

This would definitely be a game changer!

Just Can't Help Writing

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Check out this article from Digital Book World about a new venture at Barnes and Noble to allow self-published writers to offer print versions in B&N venues, hopefully a step that will help keep them afloat. Chime in with your views on whether this new option is worth a look.

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  1. Thanks for the reblog. I hope people who try it will post their experiences!

    1. Me too. If it works out, it will be a real game changer in the publishing world.

  2. I am interested in following this as well. I used createspace and kindle for my book, but I have been looking for a place to print a hardcover for myself.

  3. Interesting. I noticed that there’s still kind of a gatekeeper feel to it because they’ll only help you if you’ve sold at least 1,000 eBooks. I do look forward seeing how it pans out though.

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