Piracy ~ What to do, if your book is stolen. #Writetip #piracy

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Octopus Re-Inked: Cate Russell-Cole

antipiracybadge3-1Sadly, book piracy is a topic we all need to deal with. Here is help from a number of sources.

1. Do thorough searches for all of your books and copy protected works, to work out the extent of the theft. Look for the title as well as your name, and be aware that pirates may shorten the title and misspell your name in order to fool the search engines. Carefully take screenshots, printed and pdf copies of all instances of the theft and note web addresses, ASINs, user names etc. You may also like to search for segments of the book’s text. I have found infringed articles of mine that way.

2. Set up a Google alert which will flag “Your Name” + “free ebook” or, even better, if you’ve published only one book, use “Your Name” +” title of your book,” + “free ebook.” This will help pick…

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  1. Lynette, thank you so much for reblogging my post. I sincerely hope it helps people. I have had things ripped off, since my first days online in the 1990s. It’s a frustrating fact of life we could all do without.

    Very best wishes to you and all your readers.

    1. I hope it helps too Cate. I do believe it’s something that many authors will have to deal with, at some point. Thank you for outlining what to do and including the form letter. I hope bloggers reblog it so it’ll be handy, should they need it.

      1. I should point out, that was a researched post and that letter is not my creation. I had no idea what to do either.

  2. I am not a writer myself, but I can only imagine how much it would suck if someone took credit for all your hard work :/ Thank you for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome. I haven’t published yet but just thinking about someone stealing my work is very disturbing. I imagine its a lot like identity theft.

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