Review of Amye Archer’s Fat Girl, Skinny

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41YCR2btxyL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_By Debbie Hagan

I’m working on a memoir about mental illness, and, at times, the process feels like a long, combative, and slightly schizophrenic therapy session. One part of me lies on the couch, reluctant to divulge details. The other part of me sits in the chair, pen poised, grilling my prone self: What did you mean by that? Are you telling the truth? Why are you so defensive? What’s wrong with you?

The analyst part of me can be rather brutal. That’s why me, quivering on the couch, eventually pops up, storms to the door, and cries, You’re just trying to embarrass me. While me in the chair shouts, Wait! We were just getting to the good stuff.

After a few hours of this, I sit back and wonder, have I at last fallen into the black abyss?

Reading Amy Archer’s sassy memoir Fat Girl, Skinny (Big Table…

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  1. I mentioned this book in my blog last week!

    1. p.s. I meant to add in my above comment that in my blog I mention details about her upcoming free roundtable discussion with the NAMW on June 9th. It sounds like it will be great so I signed up!

      1. I’ll check it out.

      2. Dyane, Thanks for the heads up about the discussion on June 9th with author Amye Archer. I couldn’t find the like button on your blog.

      3. How weird – I’ll take a look to see if the like button is there….thanks for letting me know & I’m glad you also signed up for her roundtable! 🙂

      4. Oh yeah. I signed up too.

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