Opinion: To Tweet or Not to Tweet? Is Twitter Worthwhile for Self-published Authors?

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I’ve heard varied reports on using Twitter to promote books. Is Anna’s process the best to follow? How do you use Twitter?

Swedish indie author Anna Belfrage reports on her trial to see whether Twitter can sell self-published books and queries whether the return justifies the

Source: Opinion: To Tweet or Not to Tweet? Does Twitter Worthwhile for Self-published Authors?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I thought Anna Belfrage’s thoughts were helpful for those of us trying to fine-tune our Twitter practices.

  2. I found them helpful too. Twitter is one of my favorite social medias. I just need to buckle down and put some real effort into it. Anna Belfrage’s tips will be very useful when I do.

  3. Very interesting article. I haven’t gotten into Twitter. I looked at it a couple of times but felt really overwhelmed by it. All I’m using it for right now is to publicize my blog posts. At some point, I may try dipping my toe in it again.

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